I Been Waiting For YOU!

Quick, greatest rap group of all time? Quick! If you said anyone other than Outkast, submerge yourself in bee pollen and find some oatmeal. Outkast was/is the best rap duo/group that hip hop/rap has ever had, obvious Tribe Called Quest homage aside. Everybody knows about Andre 3000’s departure from the rap game a few years ago, but many of you may not know that he’s been making music again, somewhat on the sly, but making music. Meanwhile, Big Boi has been going hard, having put out multiple street albums and a very critically acclaimed 2010 release Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. He’s working on the Daddy Fat Sax album for a 2011 release, getting it in for sure, as he always did, no denying that he was the hustler of the two.

This is a straight to street album, somewhat like when Hollywood releases a straight to DVD movie. Playing with that analogy, as is the case with films the straight to DVD kind are usually rushed jobs that lack depth and entertainment value, unfortunately, this goes for this Outkast album as well. It’s a hodgepodge of recent “material”, it lacks a collective sound or purpose and overall downgrades what Big Boi has been doing lately.

Patients Makes Perfect ft. Cee Lo

Smoked Out ft. Tash & B Real

Blow ft. Cee Lo

The true ‘Kast fans will appreciate this, much like a parched person appreciates some muddy water, whatever gets you through. Download in its entirety here.


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