More Like WTF Fest.

Saturday’s convergence of hipsters, really made me wonder what the hell is happening to music. After the ethereal experience that was Rock the Bells, my faith that had been steadily declining, was restored to its near original state. Needless to say I was pumped for FYF, I wasn’t really into any of the bands playing but I was hoping I would find some that I might like. However, upon my arrival I realized that I was about to experience something deplorable. The chain link fences, that encased everyone in the venue like some terrible American Apparel prison, were littered with chained up road bikes. The air smelled like cigarettes and drunken pre-teens dressed in expensive clothes. It became very apparent fairly quickly what kind of concert this was going to be. FYF boiled down to a bunch of yuppy pseudo fashionista wannabes who pride themselves on being “ahead of the fashion curve” all meeting up in one place to listen to the bands no one else has heard of (quite frankly because none of them were any good) and to hate on/talk shit on the other hipsters who were there for the same reason. The crowd was eclectic (meaning there was a wide variety of hipsters), the venue was thrown together and disorganized, the bands were utterly forgettable, and don’t even get me started on the food (who the fuck sells udon and vegan food?). Overall I wasted $30 and a couple hours of my life that I will never get back.


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