Jew Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Shyne is Jewish! Yes, that news broke a few weeks ago, his mother is Jewish I believe, which makes him 100 percent Jewish according to Israel and any orthodox definition of the lineage. First we get Freeway yapping from Mecca about the plight of Muslims in the modern era, and now we got this video, which is beyond my rather dedicated comprehension. I think he’s mostly talking about what it means to be Jewish, specifically for him, and for others. There are a few biblical references, but beyond that, I couldn’t tell you. He’s an intersting man for sure (his father is the Prime Minister of Belize), which is why its sad that if I saw him I’d ask the following:

Yo Shyne! Did you take the rap for Diddy in that nightclub shooting, or did that puff pastry squeeze a few off? If so, do you keep your buyout funds in a Caribbean or European offshore account? Who has the better rate?

FYI. Last I heard Shyne is still not allowed on U.S. soil, and has had a few record moguls pop on over to Belize to talk shop. Sounds like rumors more than practical plans for one of my favorite rappers.



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