Chip Tha Ripper – From Me, To You A Prelude to Gift Raps

If someone had tried to put me on to Chip Tha Ripper by telling me he does a lot with Kid Cudi, I probably would have avoided his music. Luckily that never happened. I first heard him on Pac Div’s “Don’t Forget The Swishers”, and from there decided to do some further research. I copped The Cleveland Show (which you can download for free here) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

On Labor Day Chip released another free mixtape entitled From Me, To You – A Prelude to Gift Raps. This is the first of two free mixtapes that are precursors to his official debut entitled, Gift Raps, which will be entirely produced by The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish. I’m not too familiar with Chuck’s production (I never have really listened to The Cool Kids, but I once helped produce a show for them at UCLA and I remember all their beats sounded like they were practically drums only), but the rest of the internet is, so needless to say I’m interested.

But back to this tape. It’s short, but ill from start to finish. So do yourself a favor and download a free copy here. Chip has an immediately distinguishable voice and seems to love to rap. Every verse well exceeds the standard 16 bars, and the songs are mainly about fun things. Smoking, dranking, and spending time with the ladies, all delivered with Chip’s one of a kind voice and distinctive flow.

No Worries [Produced by Rami & Duke)

Production wise, the first 15 seconds of the opening track, “No Worries” (produced by Rami & Duke), shows Chip’s ear for beats that mix musicality and serious trunk value. It’s the future and he know’s it. Although nothing really slaps like the first track, there isn’t a bad beat on the project.

Fat Raps (album version) feat. Chuck Inglish, Big Sean, Asher Roth, Dom Kennedy and Boldy James [Produced by Chuck Inglish]

The song that most interested me was the remix to “Fat Raps”. Chip, Curren$y and Big Sean all went in on the first version, so I was interested to see what the new rappers would bring to it. Honestly, it was a mixed bag. Between this track and “Oil Money” off of Freddie Gibbs’ latest EP, I have come to the conclusion that Chuck Inglish isn’t much of a rapper. Still the beat knocks ridiculous so it more than balances out on the positive end. I was excited to see Dom Kennedy on the track, but I would have liked to hear more from him. Big Sean’s verse seems to constantly jump from legit to sub par. I had never heard of Boldy James, but he fucking killed his verse. Major respect, if anyone has any of his shit, send me the link! Asher Roth as expected sounded way out-of-place on this shit, especially after Boldy. Boldy was on the gangster tip and Asher was on the lazy stoner end of things. In my opinion, his inclusion exemplifies one of my worries about Chip: he has some questionable features. Lil B on his last mixtape was not a good look. Finally Chip comes through and does what he’s good at. He doesn’t sound as focused as he does on the earlier songs, but he also provides nothing to complain about. Overall despite the fact that most of the MC’s didn’t blow me away individually, the overall feel of the track is still pretty fucking dope, and I think a lot of credit once again goes to the beat.

Chip has shown his consistency over the past year or two, and if every project sounds like this one, the next mixtape is worth the download, and his album is most likely worth the rare buy. True MC, topics and delivery that will make you laugh, and beats that’ll wake the neighbors. Pretty much exactly what I’m looking for.


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