Eternal Pac

Today is World Tupac Day. No, it’s not officially listed as an internationally recognized day, but for tens of millions of people, today is about Pac. Tupac’s days were spent running mental marathons in one of the most pensive and creative minds of the last century, and he bears the mark of a true American folk hero. Recognized for his gangsta, it was his spirit and his mind that encouraged 75 million albums to be sold, people related to Pac because he spoke a lot of truth. It’s 2010, and so much has seemed to have changed since that fateful day 14 years ago, imagine what Pac would have thought of Obama citing Ludacris as his favorite rapper. Imagine who Obama would have cited as his favorite rapper.

I remember seeing people cry that day, and I wondered if it was dramatic. Nah, man, it was barely a tribute.

R.I.P Pac


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