Batter Up: Jay-Z & Eminem take Yankee Stadium [Video]

Shout out to Funny Rapper Guy for “footage”

Last night Jay-Z and Eminem did that Yankee Stadium concert thing. Leading up to the show I heard a myriad of opinions on the relative significance of the show. A lot of people weren’t feeling it, citing the lack of hot music the two had been failing to make recently as a primary reason not to foot the tall bill. My opinion, Jay-Z and Eminem are two of the Top 5 rappers ever, clearly they’re worth a c-note when performing in a legendary venue like Yankee Stadium. No brainer, I’m sorry for two things, one, that I wasn’t there, and two, that all the video from that show that has surfaced so far sucks balls.


One thought on “Batter Up: Jay-Z & Eminem take Yankee Stadium [Video]

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