Re-Surch Good Hip Hop

Another drop from One 3 Music and Kevin Nottingham, pushing these Boston rappers like the Celts get pushed around by the Lake Show šŸ˜‰ The homie Mal Moe swears by this dude Re-Surch, other than the punny name, I’m inclined to agree, a genuine emcee with some content that’s not regurgitated over and over again by other blogger rappers. There is a tendency for some dudes to shape shift depending on their audience. For example, when a rapper knows that the project is being sponsored by a blog and will be shared like a poor Japanese hooker among hip hop blogs, it can affect their writing, quite literally. This will often lead to a lot of themed tracks, random Teach Me How To Dougie remixes, and plenty ofĀ nonsensicalĀ skits and tirades. Anyways, this mixtape isn’t like that, a true testament to Re-Surch. Good job kid.

Download it in it’s entirety here.

Here are some of Mal Moe’sĀ favoritesĀ on the tape:

Droppin Shit Like A Pigeon (Slow Flow) [prod by Home Team]

Every Dorm We Go Through (feat Toddy Muffins & Flem)

Mic In My Hand (feat Singapore Kane) [prod by Alegory]


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