Dirty Hank Needed A Doctor [EP Review]

My favorite rapper in Providence, Rhode Island is a dirty spitter. You may not recognize his face, but you can smell his stench from a New England city block away. That’s what happens when you spit truthful bars hiding behind a lot of nothing. And that’s what you get when you listen to an emcee out of Providence by the name of Dirty Hank.

He’s got a line on Vitamin Vodka about sounding like a dude spitting out of Shutter Island, fucking nails that analogy, the emcee persona that is Dirty Hank belongs in a hybrid state of bedlam and nonsensical swag. This short EP continues the trend that he invested via Dirty Hank’s Guide To Giving Up; virtual storytelling of Hank’s daily whereabouts, only through some diligent listening do you truly understand that he’s speaking about his active cranium more so than what’s literally around him. He’s a pensive man, and for a writer slash rapper, that my friend is excellent stuff.

I was chopping it up with Hank on Facebook chat (insert lame diss here) and found that we share a lot of shit, literally, we both have struggled with anxiety lately, and its been a righteous pile of dung. The man literally has been excused from work on account of his “condition”, the stuff that crazy men are made of.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the crazy I like, both in the man and in the emcee, if that’s crazy, I hate sane rappers. One thing is for sure, Hank’s sound isn’t destined for a Rihanna feature anytime soon, but I have a good feeling about this kids future, call it crazy. Hank comes out on top, it’s one of those Providence/Hollywood endings.

Peep Holes

Vitamin Vodka

Burning In Water ft. Storm Davis

Download the four track EP here. Shout out to the man himself on the early drop.


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