Today was a slow day, didn’t even have to use my AK

These days happen. When the rap game is so slow you could just give up on it all. Another Wacka Flocka track, another Souljah Boy Kat Stacks tweet battle, another Tony Yayo album with Danny Brown, wait a minute…

“Any beef with g-unit ill eat u like Jamaican food”

Yeah, it’s true, Danny Brown has a mixtape out with Tony Yayo called Hawaiian Snow and from the looks of it, he is about to sign a deal with G-Unit Records. Danny B sat down with the L.A. T and he chopped up some good jabber. I specifically find his obeisance for 50 Cent compelling, it seems as if everyone who gets close to Fitty is absolutely taken aback by his wit and business sense. Fitty is the real deal, one of our great American businessmen. Danny also drops some anecdotes about Aesop Rock and his new plan of attack. In case you missed the aforementioned link, check it here.


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