Shotguns, Westside Rentals and Retweets

Today the majority of my time has been spent examining the various shotguns I could buy for home defense and searching for a new apartment to move into here in the City of Angels. For the most part, it was a succesful day, more so for the shotgun than the abode, nevertheless, the point is I’m finding myself increasingly unenthusiastic with daily story lines in the urban music game. Sometimes when I get this way, my appreciation for artistry drops quickly, even with classic dudes my patience runs thin. For example, something that shouldn’t bug me, but is, was the following retweet by Questlove of a Q-Tip tweet.

Somewhat bothersome isn’t it? Could there be a more archaic and incestuous tweet? Questlove yearning to hear the new Common and Q Tip collaboration, I don’t know, to me it seems trite and just plain old. Shit maybe Nas was right, this rap shit is dead, between the oldies and the new boys you got a lot of dogma and fluff. We shall see. I’ll be back in a studio for the first time in a while with Vers Brown this Friday, recording a track for the upcoming EP. I shouldn’t complain, I should get my JFK on, you know, that whole, “ask not what hip hop can do for you, but what you can do for hip hop”.

#a lot


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