Kay The Wombat AKA The Funniest Marsupial Ever

Let me just say that we get a lot of submissions of work, and we appreciate all of the effort that goes into the production of said music. However, for obvious reasons of pragmatism and integrity, we do not post the majority of submitted work, it would simply devastate the quality of ZIF postings. The following is a song that was submitted by an artist called Kay The Wombat, it included a hilarious note which is also found below, sometimes the key to a bloggers heart is having him ROFL, good job Kay The Wombat, your submission was by no means scat.

The Submission:

Peace. You don’t know who I am, but I know what you do. This is a single off of my fourth-coming cold weather EP, Suds N’ Dope.
My name is Kay The Wombat and I hale from San Francisco, CA. I record everything to tapes, but I converted the shit to digital so y’all could post it up.
I’m not on no google shit, so don’t even bother looking me up. I just share dope and bring the funk to your inbox. Smoke out. I sent you a picture too. (above)  They took it on a bad day.


Kay The Wombat – Suds N’ Dope


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