Jeezy, still relevant?

I think it’s fitting that Jeezy just leaked a track titled the “Rap Game”, fittingly ironic? Though Jeezy’s last album sales were tolerable and his ability to conjure a Kanye feature remains intact, I have an inkling that this is a do or die moment in Jeezy’s career. With his long time rival Gucci Mane tearing up the airwaves and dominating the mixtape scene, one has to wonder, is there any more room for Jeezy in this rap game? He was never known for his ability to spit so much as his ability to sound pretty damn G’d up doing so. That may not be enough anymore, much like his former sponsors, Black Mafia Family, it’s time to atone for your actions.

So in short, I like this song, because of archaic soft spots I have for Jeezy, but I think this new album isn’t going to reinvigorate his career, and perhaps he’ll just progressively yet mildly fade away into the nothingness, much like his new album cover. [Above]

Young Jeezy – Rap Game (prod. Shawty Redd) [DOWNLOAD]


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