Here kid, play with this Hierotoy? [Press]

Bay Area natives and legendary hip-hop crew Hieroglyphics and GOLD COIN have teamed up to create The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection, a series of Hiero inspired clothing and accessories, with the first release from this collaboration being the limited edition Hiero action figure, Hieroman. Standing 7″ tall, the vinyl toy has the classic Hiero logo face, and comes equipped with a laser engraved wooden medallion necklace. Just like the better rappers in the industry he doesn’t have just one face, but two. His head spins around to reveal a signature GOLD COIN piece. Celebrating classic backpack rap, he’s equipped with his own knapsack and green beanie.

Hieroman will be available mid-October as part of The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection.

ZIF recommends you cop it, I admit, certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing toy, but the rarity alone! Just imagine, you stumble home with a perfect girl who loves Hiero and she says “Hey, do you mind throwing on some 3rd Eye vision?”,¬†coolly you respond “Sure, you ready to play with my toy?”.

Tag em and bag em mayne. You can peep the whole Gold Coin Capsule collection here.


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