Rap + Literacy + Glenn Beck = Flocabulary

In this country it doesn’t matter if you’re investing good intension into helping our nation, what matters is who cares about your effort and what political forces have a motivation to be involved with it. For example, let’s take a look at the educational program called Flocabulary, which is helping with literacy in urban centers via the use of hip hop slash rap in the classroom. Though our literacy rate is 99%, figures can be deceiving. For starters, 99% may sound good, but it puts our great nation at a lowly #13 globally, tied with 13 other countries such as North Korea and below literacy giants Tonga! You consider the observed unequal divide between urban centers and other regions, and you can bet that there are plenty of children struggling to read and write efficiently in this country. For those of you tired of reading already, here’s some video:

Now, it seems as though the program is doing really well, a YouTube query for the titled program will get you many submitted pieces of students actively in the program. The notion that this is inspiring creativity in the classroom at the very least is a soothing piece of news, a calm nugget amongst the violent hail storm. However, leave it to right-wing tea bag partying bafoon Glenn Beck to come out and pass some judgement. For those of you unaware of Mr. Beck, don’t bother the Google search, your life is already more pleasant than mine. For those of you aware, here’s some video of the man shitting on the notion of Flocabulary being a worthwhile experience. Actually, the truth of the matter is he says that our nation is doomed on account of programs like this. Peep the 5:30 mark to cut to the Flocabulary story. I’m going to let him tell you the story from here.

So, Oklahoma City has turned their back on Flocabulary, much to the delight of Beck and Co. Equating our founding fathers to “old dead white men” is objectively insensitive, literal and true, but not really sensitive to the paradigmatic state of  our lovely red states. Once again, Fox and the right, have taken something horribly out of context and slapped it onto a story to leave a social program targeting the poor and uneducated dead to rights.

I don’t wish death on people. Having said that, Mr. Beck, thou art not a person.



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