The Beat has returned, Elvis is still gone though.

Hail to the beat. Finally a compilation adhering to some strict standards beat wise. Needless to say that Exile and Blu are both ZIF faves, and I keep hearing how I’m sleeping on Tanya Morgan. The track I posted, titled “Posted” is worth the price of admission, though, I still question the energy they bring to a show and whether that would be worth the same price.

Let’s have a threesome and take it from there:

Blu & Exile – The Narrow Path

Tanya Morgan – Posted

Bonus Track! 1773 – The Goodness (feat. Othello)

Overall a restructuting of priorites is apparent, the focus is not on the features, the featured beats are the focus. Download the album here, it sure “beats” the hell out of paying for some other crap.


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