Ski in Japan. Bad Rap.

I was going to post this and say something to the effect that you cannot fuck with anything that Dame Dash and Creative Control are doing right now, the proverbial Midas touch. However, upon inspection of this latest CCTV video, I must say, I’m thoroughly unimpressed. If you scroll through the comments you will find some of my frustrations shared, for starters, the Japanese rap thing is nonsensical. Thing is, even if the argument for featuring Japanese rappers on Ski’s album is a market based one, it still doesn’t make good business sense. I assure you that Japanese hip hop fans would rather check a Curren$y show than any of these Nippon clowns. So it leaves most viewers (a meager 1000+) feeling unstimulated, I mean, dope beat Ski, but tell your boss man that the feature call was internationally unnecessary.

Note: If you’re truly dying to hear some dope Japanese rap, I recommend Candle Chant off DJ Krush’s Zen.


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