The Quintessential Kid Cudi Leak [Album Listen-a-long]

Nowadays the fact that an album gets leaked is no longer worthy of journalistic coverage. The cover story regarding piracy is an issue of how premature the release was and whether the product upon release will speak for itself and manifest itself in positive sales figures. For Kid Cudi, this leak for Man On The Moon 2: The Legend of Mr Rager is huge, anything leaked out of G.O.O.D Music is huge. The bigger the artist, and the more anticipated the release, will drive blogger cattle right into harvesting mode, whom usually are too busy reposting to give you the luxury of making the ultimate decision in the music industry today; should I buy this album?

ZIF is not going to let you download any of the songs on this album, not because everyone else does and it’s essentially specious to do so, rather, we want you to have this choice, to buy or not to buy. Let’s get into this and hopefully you can make an informed decision.

Scott Mescudi Vs. The World

A little poor mans Kanye for my taste. Though the Cee Lo hook will make this massively appealing, you’re welcome white people.


This is on some sing-a-long shit, think Phil Collins meets an urban hipster. Dope track. Secretly.

Don’t Play This Song

So far my least favorite beat. Not enough content in the flow to justify the horrible harmonizing attempt by Mary J. and Cudi.

We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up)

Live track. Interesting, but not different. On some light rock shit, think a Coldplay track.


Ironically, this is not a 420 friendly track. IMO. But it is dope. IMO.

Mojo So Dope

The pace of this track is a walking pace. One swaggerific walk though. Reminds me of every track on 808 and Heartbreaks.

Ashin’ Kusher

NOT A FAN. Think Mickey Factz meets Borat meets Cudi. Not a good look.

Erase Me

Cudi exposes his comfort on light rock (Weezer?) instrumentals. This is by no means a shocker, y’all heard about his upcoming rock album right?

Wild’n Cuz I’m Young

“No piggy, you can catch me when I’m high, no biggie” Cudi’s verses get exposed on this stripped down track, no flying colors, he passes though.

The Mood

The sampled laughter becomes overly agitating to me. Girls might like this though, hipster girls, on some The Cars shit.


Glitch meets Cudi. This is the type of track that 21st century consumers lose their shit for. Dopeness.

Mr. Rager

Self titled track. Too slow, overall this shit doesn’t do it for me. The whole echo/autotune with the reverb is whatever. More engineering and production than mic prowess, theme of the album?

These Worries

Two Mary J. tracks on the album. That’s interesting. So is the track, again, it has that 808 and Heartbreaks feel. Dope instro.

The End

I was surprised to see both GLC and Chip Tha Ripper on this album, respect to Cudi on the inclusion. Chip’s verse is above par.

All Along

Fuck, another 808 and Heartbreaks wannabe.


By far the most compelling instrumental on the album. Cudi has a very eclectic and jerky flow on this track, and by golly it works!

Trapped In My Mind

The catchy track that every hipster wanted to hear on this album, upbeat and soft, this track was made for Silverlake, CA.

The album officially drops on November 9th, give the album a listen through a few times, then make the call. You may be surprised to hear this, but yes, this new Cudi album is ZIF approved!


3 thoughts on “The Quintessential Kid Cudi Leak [Album Listen-a-long]

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  2. My 2 cents on this LP? A future with more Pete Rock, less Cudi and even less “harmonizing” will be a beautiful thing.

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