Love Lost In Philly: The Esther Smith Story

Close your eyes for a second. Think about the word “home”. What comes to mind? Quickly, bust it out: couch, carpet, bed, warmth, comfort, food, pets, grass. Sound about right? What if I told you that you had it mad twisted, perhaps even that you were  a foolish clown to have such word associations? For the words that should come to mind are: artificial, fragile, not concrete, unsafe, locked, foreclosure. This is the reality we have chosen, a world where invisible borders are guarded by very real guns and where concepts of public property have been forcibly gutted, instead replaced with a belief that inorganic systems of governance delegate property; its ownership, its sale, and yes, occupancy. In Philadelphia now, as is the case in many cities across this country, there is a housing crisis, as in houses that were not in a state of crisis before have been thrust into a whirlpool of shit, foreclosures are equitable to Gestapo removals of Jews from European cities Pre-WW2. This is a big “what the fuck is going on” moment, thankfully there are people taking a stand, a line has been drawn in Philadelphia by PPHERC, and it starts at Esther Smith’s house.

What: Members of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) will hold a press conference at a member’s home that is currently in foreclosure. The Poor Peoples Ecnomic Human Rights campaign  is the national office of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union and serves as a national school for teaching low income families how to organize and play a leadership role in their

Esther Smith, who has had to become the head of the household after the passing of her mother, states, “The bank needs to modify my payments – not throw us out on the streets for the holidays.”

“Members of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign are prepared to go to jail if necessary rather than see this family experience another crisis during the holiday season,” stated PPEHRC organizer Cheri Honkala.

Where: 3rd and Widener St.

What: Press Conference &  Mass training for non violent civil disobedience and step by step training for foreclosure resistance.

Time: 4:00pm

Date: Nov 18

That would be today guys. ZIF cats in Philly, ante up. ZIF cats elsewhere, specifically artists, please be sure to include any shout outs or spoken word love for this cause in your sets/interviews/convos today. Hit me with any video or even a tweet.

Brotherly love starts with action, take that to the bank! Actually, send an envelope with talcum powder to your bank, take your action to Esther Smith’s house, proverbially speaking.



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