Yelawolf In Berkeley [HD]

Berkeley has been a place I have frequented regularly since being a young child. If for no other reason I always find myself returning because Amoeba and Rasputin are arguably the two best music stores one could ask for. While the People’s Republic of Berkeley is normally a pretty safe place, outsiders are often shocked by, and locals get tired and frustrated with the homeless people that seem to be everywhere. While I miss the Jokemon and wonder what happened to him, there was a lot of scary people just yelling at nothing and throwing rocks at trees, pregnant women asking for money for food only to use it on drugs, people that will follow you for blocks trying to sell you the most recent edition of Street Spirit, young teens and people in their early twenties who just seem to be lost and looking for a path in life, and practically every other stereotype there is for homeless people and panhandlers.

The reason why I mention this is because Alabama born Yelawolf, the rapid fire MC that has recently signed with Interscope and thus has ridiculous buzz going for him right now, released a video with the film production group Yours in which he travels around Berkeley and talks about his experiences being a regular hanging out at People’s Park. I haven’t really got up on his hype yet (I’m actually copping Trunk Muzik while I’m typing this), and therefore I had absolutely no idea that he spent some time living in The Bay. Yet even though I know little about him other than the internet has his back real heavy (as does Shaq, Big Boi, Travis Barker and I’m sure tons of others), it makes me feel really good that one of those street kids, that are perpetually written off as fuck up stoners who think they’re too good for society, is making it on the big scale. It gives me hope for the tons of homeless people I see on a daily basis as a Bay Area resident, and it makes me feel proud that somewhere so close to my heart could once again have such a tremendous impact (for good or bad reasons) on someone who apparently has vast talent and a bright future.


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