DJ Amen and Thizzler On The Roof Present The Bay Area Freshmen ’10 Music Meeting

On ZIF we have written about members of the inaugural Bay Area Freshman 10 on a few different occasions, with some extra attention given to the likes of Moe Green and Davinci. Yet, I don’t think we have ever mentioned or written about all 10 artists on the list. So if you’ve been wondering who else is on there, and what their music sounds like, thanks to DJ Amen and Thizzler On The Roof, there is now a simple way to find out.

The Bay Are Freshman ’10 Music Meeting is a 10 track, free tape featuring one song from each artist, which includes: Roach Gigz, Nio Tha Gift, Cousin Fik, Davinci, Jay Ant, TRUTHLiVE, iamSu!, DB Tha General, P Child, and Moe Green. Download it here.

While I can’t honestly say that I am a big fan of everybody on this list, most of the artists are surprisingly really dope, and this tape, as well as a look into their respective solo projects, has done a great job to prove that The Bay is finally cultivating some serious talent. MC’s who legitimately have the real possibility of being more than just local cult icons. Rappers who’s fan base could very well spread across the nation.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video from Nio Tha Gift. He’s the one artist on the list who deserves a ton of attention, and for some reason up until today I slipped and never wrote about. In addition to the ’10 Music Meeting, “Grateful” can also be found on Nio’s debut album H.I.P.H.O.P. (Here I Present a Hero Of Poverty) and his free mixtape Hero, both of which can be copped at his website, The track is universal, and in my opinion undeniable, and the video has some real production value to it as well.

Expect big things from these rappers in the future, and check back to ZIF for my predictions of the 10 MC’s who will make next year’s Bay Area Freshman 10 list.

Download Link & Track List

1. DJ Amen & – This…is the Bay Area Freshmen ’10 Music Meeting

2. The Dopest 2 – Roach Gigz

3. Nobody Gas – DB Tha General

4. Kaboom (How The Beat Go) – Cousin Fik (Produced by Pablo S)

5. F.I.S. – Jay Ant (Produced by Jay Ant)

6. I Know What To Do With It – iamSu! (Produced by iamSu!)

7. Long Time – P Child

8. Grateful – Nio Tha Gift (Produced by Jay Ell)

9. Ready, Set, Go – TRUTHLiVE ft. Moe Green (Produced by Jake One)

10. Ben – Davinci (Produced by Big D)

11. Iced Out Life Style – Moe Green (Produced by Indecent The Slapmaster)


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