ZIF Video Of The Week: T.R.A. a.k.a The Rhyme Animal (of Empire) – The Realness (2011)

For those of you who may be late ZIF bloomers, my Toronto connection may seem random and contrived. But the Dot is very much a second home for me, and for anyone who questions that, I got bredren in Parkdale that can attest. Though the city is known for their Island roots, dancehall and reggae are not the only genre’s in town. With acts like Empire, made up of a gauntlet of relative unknowns who do nothing but spit hot lava, there is little doubt that hip hop is alive and well up North. This dude T.R.A. is one of the lesser known of the crew, which to me says that this group is making moves. Be sure to check out their last projects which had boom bap classics sprinkled generously throughout both albums.

As for T.R.A.:

With the first song release “The Realness” Produced by Amir Da Terrorist and mixed by Canada’s top Hip Hop engineer Michael ‘Blaow’ Plante, T.R.A Tha Rhyme Animal is starting the introduction to his collective of songs he has prepared for his new album “Writing My Wrongs” which is due for release this Summer. Look out for new songs and videos from T.R.A in the near future, get SARS 8 The New Strain coming Feb. 2011


One thought on “ZIF Video Of The Week: T.R.A. a.k.a The Rhyme Animal (of Empire) – The Realness (2011)

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