Transit Takes On Hip Hop In 8 Hours

Hailing from my former high school stomping grounds of  Victoria, British Columbia, we have two of the most interesting kids you’ll see on YouTube nowadays, one kid is from Calgary, but who’s counting? Any who, the tandem take a very simple idea (breaking down the makeup of a Top 40 track) and create something unique, humorous and compelling. Everyone knows that AutoTune is wack and that good music (No, not G.O.O.D) depends not on such artificial tampering. But these two make a great video out of it, and frankly really blow my socks off with their final product. I’m not the only one, apparently Gene Simmons of Kiss acclaim offered them a contract which the band kindly refused, smart kids. They cited logic as one of the reasons, saying:

It’s very flattering, but we’re not going to make pop music. I don’t think I could stand myself if I had to sing in Autotune that much.” – Dan Bennett (Transit)

Oh yeah, their band is called Transit. Let me just say that T-Pain should shoot himself in the face (squirt gun of course! (filled with goat pee)).

The track is approaching 400K views on YouTube and has over 5000 downloads. O Canada!


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