Duck Fight Goose In The Year Of The Rabbit

Today is officially the first day of the year of the rabbit. Yes, that means the Chinese New Year is here. I decided to take a few moments out of my stupendous and important day to check out what’s popping in China, musically. After fumbling through some Chinese forums and perusing some Chinese blogs, I stumbled across this group, aptly named Duck Fight Goose. As you can see if you clicked the link, navigating Chinese websites is a hodgepodge of barriers, linguistic to aesthetic, it literally is a different world wide web. In regards to the band itself, it is fronted by a dude called Han Han, who is a bit of a small time legend in the Shanghai music scene, having started as the singer and guitarist of the well-known psychedelic-jam group Lava|Ox|Sea (LOS). The trio released a number of critically acclaimed albums, including the 2009 jewel “Next Episode: Lord Smart vs. Dr. Jin,” on Han’s own Miniless Records, the label he started in 2007 to further the growth of China’s experimental rock artists.

DFG consists of four members, Duck, Goose, Panda and Dragon. They describe themselves as the type to “refuse all kinds of sadness and play funny games with their instruments”, they also claim to only be influenced by “themselves”. All interesting facts, but their sound is even more eclectic to define, I’ve heard it defined as “Math Rock”, Wikipedia that and tell me how that makes sense and I’ll buy you a cup of green tea.

But this group is making noise, having taken the Best Band award at the Shanghai Grammys, and apparently are the only steady rock gig in town, and all in a place that is arguably the most socially influential city in China, I’d say that’s nothing to dismiss. Check the quote from their lead singer, I love shit like that, “automatic”. Dope!

No one inspires me to keep playing. There are people who are inspiring, but my enthusiasm [to] keep playing [is] automatic. – Han Han


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