Someone Like Adele. I Do!

Lately, I’ve been dialed in on KCRW, primarily because they’ve been covering the Egypt story with honest vigor. But as a result of my recent patronage, I’ve heard a lot of music that falls outside of my usual realm of influence, you could call it a sonic exploration; all aboard the HMS KCRW!  The station is known for “breaking” new music, prodding corners of the music world previously left alone by mainstream music junkies, for the record they do a pretty good job of doing just that. One such act is this female Neo-Pop vocalist called Adele, and if you’ve already seen the video [above] you can attest that the lady has pipes. The song is touching to say the least, I’ve been going through some drama lately in that department, and the song very much spoke to me [haters insert insult here].

Another thing I like about Adele is what her team is doing with her website and her viral web presence in general. On her site they are releasing new media content every day for the 21 days prior to the release of her new album, aptly named 21 which drops on February 22nd. There are a lot of candid pictures of her on her site, and the idea of filming that track in her home was deviously intelligent. When it comes to Adele I think the more genuine she comes across the better, so far, so good.


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