Buju’s Fate In 12 Strangers Hands [News]

We told you guy’s a while back about dancehall legend Buju Banton’s run in with law enforcement. Specifically being charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine; attempted possession with the intent to distribute cocaine; possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offence; and using the wires to facilitate a drug trafficking offence. There was some talk of a mistrial late last year, but from what I follow, that fell through. Buju’s liberty is now in  the hands of the jury to decide, the judge addressed them for about 30 minutes after the trial moved to the deliberation stage. From what I can tell, all that means is that the judge broke down the whole reasonable doubt angle, and how it applies to the specificity of Buju’s case, all standard court procedure. I’ve tried to stay optimistic about this trial, and from the minimal evidence I’ve read, it truly seems as though the case is much stronger against the other two defendants (the people actually arrested at the scene). But my gut [which my girl made fun of recently] is telling me that this is trouble, I’ve got a bad feeling. I will be sure to keep you posted on the outcome, Buju is a wonderful artist, one that deserves our empathy.


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