Smokey Robotic: Co-signed by Lindsey Lohan? That’s Your Pitch?

It’s a wild world of marketing out there now. With attention spans at an all time low and with people being forced to describe things in less than 140 characters at a time, it is amusing at times to see the ‘techniques’ implemented in marketing art, especially new music. Smokey Robotic is some excellent new music, and there was a time when that’s all I would have to say to push this music on someone else. Perhaps a mention of music mastermind !llmind and his three band members would help garner a listen as well. But no, nowadays it’s best to leave it simple, wait for somebody “famous” to tweet about your project, then, wait  for it….RETWEET! Meh, in this case it was Lindsey Lohan [see below], which to me is the equivalent of Steve Francis endorsing John Wall as the next great thing, #yesterdaysnews #irrelevant.

However, apparently you can spew vile, drink vodka like Vitamin Water and still have respectable taste, in short, Smokey Robotic is dope and you should consume away, it’s just got nothing to do with Lindsey Lohan, and remember, that’s a good thing.

Smokey Robotic – Voices (Produced By !llmind & Dr. Know Jr.)


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