Woman’s Day, Man’s World

For the record: International Women’s Day is the product of patriarchy, one of many products that perpetuate the continued existence of male autocrats.

If you Google “female rapper” you will be met with it’s top hit, which is http://kelleemaize.com/. Now Kellee Maize may sound more like a corn oil giant than a rap moniker, but nevertheless, she’s a rapper, and if you peruse her site you will notice two things. One, she is a terrible rapper, not even a rapper. Secondly, she has an awesome team working on her SEO, the text “female rapper” appears in more places on her site than any other text, Google algorithms love that shit. If however, you are interested in perusing through some actual talent as far as female emcees are concerned, I highly recommend the following list (below) which I stumbled across here.

  1. Rocky Rivera
  2. Marz Lovejoy
  3. Dessa
  4. Psalm One
  5. Boog Brown
  6. K. Flay
  7. Miz Korona
  8. Josie Stingray
  9. Kalae All Day
  10. Rita J

And of course, my favorite, Ms. Jean Grae.


3 thoughts on “Woman’s Day, Man’s World

  1. kellee maize shits on all of them chiks …

    just watch this

    none of them can rap half as hard.

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