Don’t Forget About Haiti, Wyclef Got Shot For It!

With so much going on in the world this weekend (Tsunami, Libya, Brazil), apparently it was easy to forget about what’s going on in our backyard, Haiti. This past weekend, where most of us globally minded folk were too busy Googling “Tomahawk Missile” and “Obama Favela”, you may have missed out on this little world news nugget; Haitians took to the polls this weekend to vote for their next President. Some of you may be thinking, did Wyclef win? Nope, but he did get shot for his efforts! Don’t worry, just in his hand, his camp is calling the wound superficial. Wyclef was actually barred from partaking in the elections by the board of elections, and was injured while at a rally for fellow Haitian musician Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly and his presidential run. It appears as though Matelly will have a strong chance at winning this thing, although the other candidate, former First Lady Mirlande Manigat has almost as good a chance according to initial reports. Regardless of where the popular support lies, the focus amongst people living in tents still (post-earthquake), is the dramatic human rights implications. There are billions of dollars in pledged international aid, and the next president will be taking the lead in the effort to secure and distribute said funds.

All reports indicate that elections went as smoothly as one could hope for under the duress the country is facing daily. No significant reports of violent or fraud, although three people died. Fact is, almost one million people still live in the dirt roads of Haiti, now they eagerly await the count (by candlelight).

Mandatory connection to hip hop: Busta Rhymes at the Martelly Rally in Haiti yesterday.


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