Doggumentary Flies Air New Zealand [Album Listen-A-Long]

In preparation of listening to this not yet released album, I suggest you bring two things: some weed (obvs) and an extremely open mind regarding the plight/development of Snoop D Double Gizzle. This album is Snoop’s 11th studio album, which is a congratulatory achievement, however, hold your applause for this album. This album was supposed to be titled Doggystyle 2, which I would have preferred, primarily because it is likely that he would have had to pay some tribute to the first album and fans from that era, whereas this album appears to be another stab at maintaining contemporary relevance. Listen, and if you disagree, feel free to buy the album starting March 29th.

Toyz N Da Hood Ft. Bootsy Collins

The Way Life Used To Be

My Own Way Ft. Mr. Porter

Wonder What I Do Ft. Uncle Chucc

My Fucn House Ft. Young Jeezy And E-40

Tracks 1-5: Well, track 3, a classic west coast beat, ride to S-L-O bumping this shit, classic modern Snoop. Track 4, back to that old school shit, the album is too flip floppy already for me, this song screams 1994. Track 5, pure Jeezy, not a Snoop track, he sounds forced on this one, and yes, a little old.

In a collaboration with Air New Zealand’s mascot, Rico, Snoop has decided to take his promotional tour for the album to one of the smallest markets in the world, hmmm, sensible?

Listen to the rest of the album, post JUMP! Oh, and my favorite tracks are 3, 16-19.

Peer Pressure Ft. Traci Nelson

I Don’t Need No Bitch Ft. Devin The Dude And Kobe Honeycutt

Platinum Ft. R. Kelly

Boom Ft. T-Pain

We Rest In Cali Ft. Goldie Loc And Bootsy Collins

Tracks 6-10: Track 6, somewhere out in the world, some Snoop fan loves this song, I do not. Track 7, love this beat, on some smooth east coast shit, Devin kills smooth tracks, passable for a video. Track 8, FUCK! They still make tracks like this? Track 9, this was the first single off the album, Hollywood track for Hollywood folk. Track 10, This is another chill L.A. track, I like the beat, typical pimping Snoop, I could do without the features.

El Lay Ft. Marty James

Gangbang Rookie Ft. Pilot

The Weed Iz Mine Ft. Wiz Khalifa


Take U Home Ft. Too Short, Daz And Kokane

Tracks 11-15: Track 11, Snoop has so many L.A. anthems, did he really need to try and title a track literally like this? Corn. Track 12, the title sounds like a bad online porn flick,  Gangsta Snoop > Pimping Snoop. Track 13, Snoop Dogg meets the new Snoop Dogg, old Snoop wins, but this track works, we all win? Track 14 is track 9 all over again, Hollywood meets autotune, very 2009. Track 15 is all Too Short, his kind of beat, and he kills it.

Sumthin Like This Night Ft. Gorillaz

Superman Ft. Willie Nelson

Eyez Closed Ft. Kanye West And John Legend

Raised In Da Hood

It’s D Only Thang

Cold Game Ft. Latoiya Williams

Tracks 15-21: Track 16 shouldn’t have been buried this low, Gorillaz show how Snoop in the 21st century can sound new. Willie Nelson writes a track about Carpal tunnel surgery? Classic! Dang, the Kanye track got buried too? I like this track, the last three tracks are dope, no qualms here. The next 3 are not as impressive, but Snoop finishes the album stronger than he starts it.

Overall Grade: B (for buy)


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