Music Videos: Just Get Them Out! Tragic Allies X Meyhem Lauren

Having shot a music video recently myself, I know that what can and does go into many music videos is a large amount of creative thinking backed by some good old fashioned hard work. Time too, plenty of time. Now, these two videos, one by Meyhem Lauren and one by Tragic Allies have caught my eye/social news feed today. At a personal level, these are rap acts I follow, one because Action Bronson is featured on Meyhem tracks, and two, because Tragic Allies are a Boston act that Singapore put me on, so you know I’ll pay heed to that.

Point is, these videos required very little budget and time, effectively shattering my belief that you need some of that always. The first video is super duper cheapo, featuring action figures (He-Man?) and some domestic backdrops, I suppose it emphasizes the rhymes, although after a bit, I’m down to just listen to the track. The second video (below) is classic 90’s video steez, find a liquor store, find some homies, shoot!

Either way you cut it, these guys made it onto my feed this morning, and ZIF for that matter. Mission accomplished in my book.


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