Rappers Of Hip Hop’s Past: Onyx Back With Classic Terror

There was a time when all I did was listen to Bacdafucup, I was a kid then. Onyx at one point and time was the very definition of New York gangster rap, one that also had significant mainstream appeal. I’m and aging adult now and the times where effectively manifesting the qualities/persona of a hoodlum are long gone, ask 50 Cent all about it. The game is about wedging oneself into an acute definitino of what’s “next”, fuck a Mac 10, get yourself a social networking guru. What I like about this track is the title, frankly, that’s exactly what Onyx represented, less hood, more terror. That’s a word that truly got marred post 9/11, but it’s also something that needs to happen to this fluffy rap game right now, some terrorizing. It figures that it takes a couple OG’s from NYC to get that done. “Classic Terror”, from Onyx’s forthcoming album Cuzo, compiles clips taken from the group’s European tours over the past three years. I couldn’t find a drop date, but I figure if you keep checking in with them, you’ll get an update. Prediction: the album will sell like Belgian waffles in Europe, mostly Eastern.


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