My Ride Is A Time Machine

Although I’m pretty sure that Big K.R.I.T was too young to appreciate the Delorean, he sure did nail the sound that nails the concept that your ride (yes even yours) is a time machine. Sometimes I think about that when on a long road trip, I’m literally in my own time machine, when I step in it is a certain time/date, when I step out, it’s the future. Bam! Overly simplistic meets TMI? Perhaps. But the next time you find yourself on a 12 hour + road trip, apply that stupidly simple notion, see where it takes you, perhaps the future? Oh and by the way, is there a rapper out there more suited for tracks about cars than Chamillionaire? Rhetorical…

BIG K.R.I.T. – Time Machine (feat Chamillionare)


One thought on “My Ride Is A Time Machine

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