Lil B: One Happy Gay Heterosexual

Viral prince of the absurd raps, Lil B, has dropped his name in absurdly portentous headlines once again. About a week ago, he announced, “I’m Gay”, specifically, that the title of his new album would be called that. Here’s a little excerpt of his bold and socially charged statement:

But it’s like, first, ‘gay’ means ‘happy.’….  I like women. I love women. But it just shows you, it’s like: No matter what you do, it doesn’t matter. Live life. We only got one life to live. Be happy. Fuck the hate. Fuck the hating.”

I can’t really hate on that, not without sounding stupidly gay. But according to Lil B there is a lot of hate directed his way right now. Considering his based status on Twitter, and the abundance of gay bashing yahoo’s tweeting, it is a bit of a predictable car wreck. But yes, apparently the death wishes are piling in like Chris Cringle on 12/24. Perhaps his claim that this decision will be looked upon as socially significant (in the MLK sense of the word) may not be as offensive as I first assumed, it does spark a conversation. Onto other based matters, is it just me or is Lil B getting better at directing his own videos? Sheen, winning, cooking music video. Oh Lil B, you one in a million nutcase you, I hope you’re enjoying Brewsters millions.


One thought on “Lil B: One Happy Gay Heterosexual

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