The Resurrection of Sammy Gesus?

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the world was believed to be flat. The thought being that once you sailed past a certain point, you fell into oblivion, perhaps into the mouths of mythical sea dragons. If this were true, I can tell you that I found Sammy G in the excrement of one of those sea dragons, I had assumed he had been consumed, a rabbit dropping on the not so green fields of oblivion. You see, Sammy has gone on a bit of a hiatus since his graduation at UCLA, I can relate to that, nothing inspires absence like the reality of the post-college world. So I consulted a sage that I stumbled across in a black forest not too far from where you find yourself reading this article now, and I asked that sage a question. Where is Sammy G, and when shall he return? The sage spoke in elvish so it was necessary for me to use my United Nations audio translation device, the sage said: “Sammy is in the city where brotherly love is more than ample, and the man makes new music that you must soon sample”. It’s true, it’s true I exclaimed, there is reason to believe in my backpack that craves rap.

Enter the following track, the first drop off the upcoming Chemical Imbalance sicktape. Edvard Munch would be proud.

Stars Above

We undercover emcees, we never see the moonlight

The instrumental is from Audible Doctor (Brown Bag Allstars), a dude in heavy rotation as far as SG’s ear buds are concerned. Rumor has it Sammy will be Cali bound soon to shoot a video. Just saying.


One thought on “The Resurrection of Sammy Gesus?

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