DJ Shadow gotta rokk, but not until September.

As the beat resonates, flashing from one ear bud to the next like the monotone on a child’s piano, I realize, Shadow is serious, he’s got to rock. Enter the sampling, ah, his personal strength, Shadow has made a living digging in crates in black holes passing off as record store basements. I’m listening to this track:

I Gotta Rokk (LP Version)

It’s the first track off DJ Shadow‘s EP, which is nothing more than a preview of some tracks featured on an LP titled The Less You Know The Better set for a September 5th release. The EP features three singles off the LP, and some remixes of the three. My personal choice is the remix for “I’ve Been Trying”, aptly called:

I’ve Been Trying (Various ‘I’m Done Trying’ Mix)

The cornucopia of sounds varying from DNB to Low End Electro reminds the listener (me) that Shadow is literally a museum of sonic knowledge. I listen to his music and all I can think is Library of Congress, a bounty of sporadic, spicy and diverse sounds. He mentioned on his website that this will hopefully stave off demand until the LP drops on September 5th, but if anything this wets an appetite, I call these releases “spring rolls”, I’m ready for my chow mein.

Here’s one more roll:

Def Surrounds Us (LP Version)


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