M-Bone (Teach Me How To Dougie) shot dead in the street.

For anybody in L.A. who spent last summer at any party or any BBQ worth a damn, you heard the infamous “Dougie” song by Cali Swag District, and you know you danced to it a least once. For many it became an overly played radio track, destined for compilation albums in the future, for others, it was a street anthem, the L.A. street to be specific. Cali Swag member M-Bone, whose real name was Montae Talbert, was sitting in a car in the 400 block of North La Brea Avenue last night when a car pulled up next to his and someone fired two rounds that struck the rapper in his head. Too damn young, too damn pointless, a godforsaken shame. Send positive energy to the Talbert family, M-Bone was 22 years old, a baby. His Twitter was active a mere 12 hours ago, commenting on the Heat game among other things. It’s that type of reality check that makes you think twice when you question the purpose of being mindful and present.

His last words were tweets:


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