The Replacements: UK Hip Hop

To be perfectly frank, I have been perusing release upon release (mixtape and LP/EP’s) out of the U.S hip hop scene for the past few months, it’s left me nauseated, angry maybe? It seems to me that everyone is obsessed with experimenting right now, be it a techno beat or some indie rock remix, overall, I see a major identity crisis. What is left for U.S. hip hop? Has the genre been surpassed by others that are more than capable of satiating the youth’s need to have their sentiment voiced through some co-signed street magistrates? Perhaps. This left me looking across the pond once again, my homie Nana Kofi (ASPECKS) hit me with some mixtapes, this one by Blade Brown stuck out. The press has been anointing this guy as the UK version of Jeezy, after the first few tracks on this mixtape, it’s quite apparent that the comparison is legitimate. The mixtape Bags and Boxes (as explained by my British friend) refers to (bag = £1000 bundle, box = 1kg of dope), so it’s clear that Blade is by no means disinterested in stepping into the (G)enre. The problem I have with this genre grab is the fact that if I’m over Jeezy talking about p’s of Cane, what would compel me to listen to an emcee out of England doing the same thing? Well, an ability to spit is one compelling reason, too bad Blade can’t rap worth a spittoon. Here’s a track to get a sense of what I’m talking about:


One more for kicks?


Between the accent and the British lexicon, it’s amazing that one can follow the theme, I guess that’s what happens when it’s simple, swag. This product is apparently moving in the UK, he also dropped the more official Financial Times LP, cop that on Itunes (lol). But on the real, we need to get our shit together, the music scene is struggling when the copycats are picking music that is two years old to emulate.

Disclaimer: I do like UK hip hop, check out Skepta, he’s killer, like starting 11 for sure.


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