Cee Lo Records The Hottest Record In The World?

I wonder how many of you know who the Band Of Horses are? Well, Cee Lo Green had heard of them, and did them the viral marketing solid of covering one of their tracks, “No One’s Gonna Love You”. The Seattle based band followed up with a little back scratching of their own when they went ahead and covered Cee Lo’s track “Georgia” off  The Lady Killer album, oh yeah and they recruited the UGA Redcoat Marching Band to assist, reasonable!  Both tracks are marvelous, BBC 1 called the Cee Lo cover “the hottest record in the world” , yikes, a little hyperbole never hurt anybody I suppose. Dope music though, and more importantly, breaking boundaries, crossing genres, this is how you make noise in the new millennium. Jesus, it’s laughable that I used to primarily identify Cee Lo as the vocalist for Goodie Mob, talk about the evolution of an artist.

Cee Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You (Band Of Horses Cover)

Band Of Horses – Georgia (Cee Lo Green Cover)


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