Sammy G Dropping That ‘Sick Tape’ Soon (Cover Art)

Original & Dope Artwork by Cristin Tisdale

Yes, I will not deny it: Sammy G puts out projects when he feels like it, not when you tell him to. Having said that, here is the cover artwork for the upcoming Sammy G mixtape, aptly called Chemical Imbalance. Following the successful release of the first release off the project, “Stars Above”, it is with great anticipation that I release this new track, “Your bad”. Sammy spills some beans on this one, poignantly expressing the frustrations that come with being a young 20 something in a world as uninspiring as the one we have been waking up to recently. Though his struggles are surely subjective, if not overly private, his ability to manifest some of that angst on tracks like this is surely a positive sign for the content we can expect on this upcoming drop. Here’s to not blaming anyone but Sam when his project is enjoyed by many.

Sammy G – Your Bad

Look out for a tracklist this week. And the drop at the end of the month.


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