Bluku Bluku, And Other D Double E Noise (Review)

Having spent the past few weeks in the Commonwealth I figured why not take a listen to a Canadian artist and review it . Well, that was easier thought of than done, sorry Canada, I’m not saying that there are not legitimate artists here, but your rappers are hurting now, and no, I will not listen to Classified. If you just peeped that Classified video, I’m sure we can say that I’m not completely unjustified in my harsh dismissal of the Canuck rap game, but it did result in me looking eastward across the Atlantic, where I stumbled across one of my favorite emcees from when Grime was God and Dizzee Rascal was the coming of Christ, I’m talking about D Double E. The Newham General has entertained club crowds for years, generating blood thirst from the thuggies attracted to his gun clap no-nonsense, whilst simultaneously wooing girls close to stage with his unique intonations and quite frankly, a little cheek. He has recently dropped a new EP titled Bluku Bluku, and yes Dizzee Rascal is on the project, track one in fact.

Bluku! Bluku! (feat. Dizzee Rascal)

The track is only seven tracks, and thankfully D Double E demonstrates more value on the rest of the project than his shared spotlight with Dizzee. To me the first track is a deference track, one where D Double E delivers a safe performance remnant of countless Rinse.FM freestyles, this always happens when a cleanup hitter is in the batters deck (sorry cricket fans). Dizzee brings it though, surprised to hear him on a hard beat like this, he’s been doing that funky house/pop thing so well [insert sardonic emoticon]

Lyrical Farda

Is D Double E the lyrical ‘farda’ of all of Grime’s children? No Timmy Westwood, assuredly not, but he does kill this track, specifically his ability to ride this beat with dead on delivery, his infamous emphasized tonality very much in play. Every bass hit is like a ballista, quickly followed with a powerful spear of lyrics, as he then slips into one of his better hooks.

Put Your Money On It

This track has a hook worth playing back just to hear the man fit all those damn words into it, but apart from that, I think this one was slippin’ a bit. Punitive repercussion, no DL link provided here for that one.

Let It Blow

This beat screams G Unit production team, of course it’s most likely a young East Londoner who was paid 100 quid or less for his troubles. But these are beats D Double E has no problems slaying, a relatively simple flow structure on this, he takes his time and dumps references that only older fans could truly appreciate, but an overall grime that any newcomer welcomes with guilty pleasure, like mud pies.

Be Like Me (feat. Smurfie Syco)

A money club track, if the club you go to is in the Dubstep business, but also prefers a little Hollywood pop in their mixes. Hmm, this track would do well at some dubstep clubs in Hollywood.


“Like a inner tube, I wanna pump her”, reasonable lyric! I am a huge fan of this track, these are the tracks that blow clubs up in L.A., bringing passionate female dance fans and shy fake thugs onto the dance floor, a place that D Double E fans know well.

Catch Me If You Can (feat. Example)

By no means a throwaway track, but this dude Example butchers the hook. Fuck, it’s off. D Double E does his best David Seaman impersonation, barely saving this one with some witty content.

Overall, this EP is worth the buy, it’s ZIF approved and filled with D Double E goodness. In all seriousness, if you appreciated grime in the early 2000’s and have had a soft spot for some of those former Lords of the Mic, no better place to start satiating that itch than right here with this EP.


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