I’m back and my paws are shaking!

For those of you expecting a Benny Hill type opening to commemorate this return, go jump in a lake. For the rest of you, to be honest, I have no idea who you are anymore. This used to be a boutique “urban culture blog” with a daily following of about 250-500 readers known to house an eclectic array of exclusive and public content, much of it driven right here at ZIF.  I (being me, as in the editor, the maestro, king lion) proceeded to take an extensive sabbatical, specifically to Canada where I worked on some  more “organic” projects. I’ve recently come back, and found this blog popping off with about 90 hits an hour, with a high of 8800 daily hits at one point last week. Who you are I have no idea. Perhaps our primordial and exclusive Machine Gun Kelly content really started to drive traffic this way after his recent (much deserved and anticipated) success. Actually I looked, and it’s not really about him, shit, apparently this blog has a plethora of content in more demand than Los Pollos Hermanos chicken in Albuquerque. Well, let’s cut to the chase here, what about ZIF now and tomorrow? The one thing I can say with some brevity is this: this blog will become something it has never been, an accurate reflection of how I, yes, I, truly feel about the cultural content that we are inundated with everyday. It won’t be about our other writers, our sponsored artists, or our desire for you to be a loyal reader. This rebirth if anything will be defined by a strict commitment to my taste. Consume accordingly.

*note: for new readers, be sure to check the interviews on our site, I’ve always found that to be one of our strongest suits.

*note 2: I may migrate this to another platform, but not till I figure out how to move gigabytes of crap. Also, artists can still submit work, just know, no more hall passes.


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