Jon Wayne Pulls The Trigger (Free Mixtape, Obvs)

Shout Out to Stones Throw for the heads up on this new mixtape from Jon Wayne which dropped today. I did find it amusing that they still advertise that these mixtapes are free, I mean, what’s not free nowadays?According to his Facebook page it looks like he was supposed to drop this on Friday, but was itching to shed it off his hard drive, and dropped it today like a G on Mediafire, Stones Throw quickly swooped in and had directed most downloads to their server.  This guy is a personal fave of mine, his beat selection on this mixtape is a big reason why, who wouldn’t like a FlyLo bootleg. Peep the tracks below and see if you want to download it son, for FREE! That first track “whatarewegonnacallit” is dope fiyah.

Jon Wayne ft. Zeroh – Whatarewegonnacallit

Jon Wayne – Played Out

Lotus Bootleg


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