Not All Rappers From Pittsburgh Are Created Equal: Beedie (Exclusive ZIF Interview)

I admire our ability to filter exceptional content for my readers, in essence, that’s why blogs have made it through the trend-heavy rise and fall of internet phenomenons. Nowhere is that more satisfying than sharing great music from an artist on the come-up. That brings me to this interview with Pittsburgh rapper, Beedie. There’s no doubt that Pittsburgh is finally on the rap map after the meteoric rise of Wiz Khalifa and the subsequent success of fellow Rostrum Records artist Mac Miller. When I was introduced to Beedie’s music I had no idea on where he came from, it didn’t matter. His sound can best be described as a contemporary take on Boom Bap combined with the steady swagged out flow you would expect from a young wordsmith intent on making power moves. He’s a throwback rapper in many ways and yet I thank the rap gods that guys like this still spit. As 1/2 of the rap duo Varsity Squad and formerly 1/2 of Ill Spoken along with Mac Miller, there’s little denying, Beedie stands out. When artists I respect have something to say, it’s always an honor to chop it up with them. Be sure to check out the interview with him in it’s entirety or broken down into three parts after the jump.

Beedie Interview (Whole)

Part 1.  Beedie speaks on coming up as an artist in Pittsburgh, Ill Spoken, and Wiz Khalifa’s success

Part 2. Beedie speaks on rapping about weed, Beedieland, being a white rapper, Boom Bap and Varsity Squad

Part 3. Beedie speaks on working with bigger artists, the new album “Above The Weather” and signing a deal

Beedie on Tumblr

Beedie on Twitter

Beedie on Facebook


4 thoughts on “Not All Rappers From Pittsburgh Are Created Equal: Beedie (Exclusive ZIF Interview)

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