No Room For Halfway Crooks On Twitter

Recently posted on Havoc’s Instagram page – TheRealHavoc

Mobb Deep dropped Black Cocaine last year and promised their fans a follow up early 2012. Scrap that, Havoc has spent the last 24 hours absolutely going in on Prodigy over Twitter.  Havoc keeps referencing a meeting Prodigy was supposed to attend, and is also absolutely convinced that Prodigy has fallen for Rihanna, claiming that the hardened rapper is actually under the impression that he has the inside track on marrying the uber-pop starlet. Either way, for a couple of OG’s who pretty much defined street worthy thuggery for a generation of listeners, the fact that this is taking place on Twitter is tomfoolery. For those of you who think Havoc may have been hacked, he clarified that he wasn’t and also opened up today’s twitter day with ” good morning gay p”. Congratulations guys, you just got nominated for lamest hip hop anecdote of the year. On a side note, these guys love their Instagram, both of them are using that application like it’s going out of style, which it is by the way.

Don’t piss off Havoc, he may just tweet your ass to death.


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