Aesop, and I’m not talking Rocky

So half a decade later, NYC Def Jux delight Aesop Rock has decided to release another solo album, this time on Rhymesayers , titled, Skelethon (cover art after the jump). Aesop is one of those rappers that probably helped forge the gap between kids who listened to Phish and backpack rappers, all white kids, but still. This first track , playing over the video, is called Zero Dark Thirty, which after a little search work, I found out comes from the military time 00:30 (thirty minutes after midnight) and is used to refer to a very early starting time. It’s also the title of a new film about the Osama Bin Laden raid scheduled for a 2012 release. That’s some great SEO planning Aesop! And another thing, seriously, am I the only guy out there who thinks that A.S.A.P Rocky was very much inspired by Aesop Rock when he came upon his moniker? Seriously? Aesop Rock v. ASAP Rocky?

Editor note: My favorite Aesop Rock track: Daylight


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