Documenting “the craft”

I was looking at the terrain of Hip-Hop and where it’s going and how it’s kinda gettin’ pop, and a lot of the kids don’t even know where it started, I wanna go and document the craft — not the money, not the cars, not the girls, the craft. – Ice T

This new documentary did well at Sundance, good for them. My thinking: we’ve seen this movie a dozen times before, older guys telling us how to pay homage to those who blazed the trails. Fact is whatever music gets slapped with the label “hip hop” and/or “rap” is a universe away from the genre of music Ice T is trying so desperately hard to honor. I get it, there had to be somebody doing something first, and that person should be congratulated. There are a myriad of exemplary “hip hop” documentaries, why beat this bloodless gelding any more than we have? Do you think Alexander Graham Bell should be featured in a documentary about paving the way for all inventions having to do with electricity since? Perhaps we should shoot a documentary about how AOL paved the way for Facebook and YouTube? I think not, AOL sucked , and thank god it’s gone. Graham Bell was a great American inventor, but he has no claim to my smartphone. Watch the movie, but don’t use it to judge contemporary artists that are forced into the Billboard hip hop category, we’re all evolving, which means everything started somewhere. Simple.

Ignore the header for that video, it’s an Ice T flick, not Cube, I assure you.


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