Chopping It Up with Chuuwee (ZIF Interview)

One of my favorite up and comers happens to come from California (admittedly, via Texas). A few years back when we reviewed Hot N Ready, I knew it wasn’t simply Lee Bannon’s prowess that had me hitting repeat, the emcee was a young firecracker, and he’s finally cracking off.  Chuuwee, recently signed to Amalgam Digital dropped his latest project, Crown Me King this week and it’s my pleasure to share some very savvy thoughts the young emcee had to share on a myriad of subjects. Look out for his commentary on the album as well a great perspective on what it means to be on the cover of XXL (or not). Regardless of where this kid is from, it’s clear that the music is at the forefront of his mission statement, fame is always waiting in the cut, but I have a feeling we’ll milk plenty of paramount product out of the propitious rhymesayer before that. Enjoy…

Chuuwee Interview (ZIF) Part 1

Chuuwee Interview (ZIF) Part 2

You should definteily the cop the new project (via Bandcamp) on account of how dope and free it is.

Peep some more videos of Chuuwee doing his best impression of an artist on the rise after the jump.

Post Mortem

Watching the Throne (Through Rifle & Scope)

Le Père Du Peuple


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