It’s pouring rain but that’s better than blood #MayDay

Lot’s of action today, a day entrenched in defining itself with more vigor each time it comes around. There haven’t been significant “May Day” protests in the U.S. since 2006. Funny fact, the U.S. government via Eisenhower legislation made May 1 “Law Day”,  a day to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and to recognize its importance for society. That is not the case today, Occupy is very much out there, with the Chase Bank in Manhattan already inundated with wet protesters, and reports that LAX is going to be flooded with them today. To be sure these protests are being considered by the local and federal government, yesterday, NYPD raided the homes of  Occupy activists, interrogations were conducted, fear was instilled. Needless to say, the protests are global, I’ve posted some pictures of events happening now over the globe in commemoration of giving a shit about liberty in the face of so much apathetic consumption.

#Anonymous protester offers a rose to a City worker on Paternoster Square #Occupy #London

#Barcelona #mayday Secret police stopping demonstrators before start the protest.

#m1gs kicking off in Williamsburg ahead of the bridge march.

#OCCUPY speech #London #Mayday #M1GS

#police charged with protecting #mcdonalds for tax money #mayday #occupy#london


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