Ana Tijoux: Activism Is Art Is a Bullet

With this election year upon us, a global financial crisis on the brink of another breakdown, and increasing socio-political strife across all continents, it’s a damn shame that the majority of artists have not taken to carrying a message beyond their own branding and creative nuances. Meet, Ana Tijoux, aka, the most relevant female rapper out of Latin America. The French-Chilean emcee  has spent the last two years marketing and pushing her album 1977. The time has finally come to turn the page in her career, pushing something a little deeper, a strong and more importantly coherent political message. Her latest album, La Bala (Spanish for “the bullet”) packs quite the editorial punch, one track titled “Shock” being directly inspired by Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine“.

A commitment to an internal dialogue within this album is clearly defined by the artist herself, when referencing her track Sacar La Voz featuring  Oscar-winning singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler, she points out the difference:

More than a collaboration, it was a conversation with music. It is beautiful because it’s so simple

I’m hopeful that other artists with mainstream global buzz take note of her recent success implementing an activist formula, La Bala debuted at number one in iTunes Latino’s reggaetón/hip-hop charts and number two in Billboard‘s Latin Rhythmic charts. The world is changing with or without you, Elie Wiesel said, “the opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference.” Create accordingly please.

Buy the album. Support art and activism. Take a moment to sign a petition regarding just that right here.


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