Hot Sugar Tastes Weird Slash Impeccable

Producer extraordinaire Hot Sugar is one of the most outlandish characters I’ve been introduced too in my years of covering the web. He’s also one of the most talented producers I’ve stumbled across, it’s clear that though the aesthetic vanguard is riddled with chaos, this man dedicates himself to his craft, the dude shits fire. A quick look at his Tumblr page will show you exactly the type of unconventional taste I’m referring to, a quick listen to some of his tracks will show you why May 14th is a day to purchase some Moon Money with some earth money.

Random tidbit about this cover, via Hot Sugar, “the texture for the word Hot on Moon Money is my grandparents’ tombstone ^__^”

And here’s one of the most NSFW videos in the history of YouTube (after the jump of course.)


3 thoughts on “Hot Sugar Tastes Weird Slash Impeccable

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